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There is SO MUCH misinformation out there with respect to weight loss, healthy eating and more! So I created this space for you that is packed with nutrition information (that is based on science & facts) so you have ONE place to go to for all your health & nutrition needs.

As we start this healthy living journey together, I wanted to share some of the most essential tools I have that help my clients (and me) live healthier lives every day. Included in this toolkit is my:

  • Meal Prep Guide (+ yummy recipes)
  • Guide to Calorie Counting (and what to do instead)
  • A Love Letter to my Ladies about Expectations & Healthy Weight Loss
  • The Art of Eating Slooooowly ... your first habit to Master
  • The Dining Out Guide
  • Quiz: The Five Why's
  • BONUS: 5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes available once you have gone through all the other modules!

So I encourage you to check them out in my nutrition toolkit and start putting them to use today!

Committed to your health,

Heather Cook

Positive Choices Nutrition Coaching

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Meal Prep Guide

1 Lessons

The essential meal prep guide that gives you all the strategies & steps to mastering this vital healthy living habit. Regardless of whether you batch cook once a week or incorporate meal prep into your schedule throughout the week - this guide will make you into a meal prepping diva!

How Effective is Calorie Counting?

1 Lessons

Tired of calorie counting? You aren't alone. Learn why calorie counting isn't as effective as you think it is and what to do instead to keep on track towards your goals.

Let's Talk Healthy Weightloss

1 Lessons

A love letter to all my ladies about healthy weight loss.

Our expectations with respect to scale weight, body size & shape can be extreme. We can be our own toughest critics with dreams of being the 'perfect' size.

Healthy doesn't have a dress size. Strong doesn't have a scale weight. Skinny doesn't mean you are healthy and your worth isn't determined by what you weigh.

Isn't it time we ditched these crazy and unfair expectations of what we *should* weigh or look like and focus on loving and respecting our bodies for what they do for us everyday?

Isn't it time we treated them with respect instead of punishing them? I encourage you to re-think your approach to weight & health and adopt a kinder and more loving approach towards your body as a whole.

Dining Out Guide

1 Lessons

Did you ever go to a restaurant when you were on a diet and stressed out over what to eat? I know that feeling.

That's why I put together this complete dining out guide. The biggest mistake women make when trying to reach health or weight loss goals is to eat out without a plan. This guide gives you all the information, tips and tricks to make dining out a breeze.

This is THE top tool every woman needs to successfully stay on track AND enjoy eating out. Grab your copy today!

The Habit of Eating Sloowwwwly

1 Lessons

Slowing down and eating slowly is the simple way to losing weight so you never mindlessly overeat again.

Learn the most important habit that every woman needs when it comes to eating the right amount of food to fuel and nourish her body everyday.

What's Your Why?

1 Lessons

Most of us rely on external sources to motivate us when we want to reach a goal like getting fit or losing weight. The truth is that real motivation only comes from a deeply personal WHY that we often have to dig deep to uncover.

Take this quiz & learn the *secret* that will motivate you to reach your goals!

5 Healthy & Delicious Recipes

1 Lessons

Five healthy & delicious recipes for you to use as part a healthy eating lifestyle. I hope you enjoy!

This is a BONUS module I created to reward members who are as passionate about health and nutrition as I am!

About Me

1 Lessons

Maybe we know each other from social media or maybe this is your first introduction to me. Either way, I want to say welcome and share more about my story of how I went from a miserable yo-yo dieter to healing my relationship with my body, dropping over 85 lbs and becoming a certified nutrition coach. Here's the story ...